The Primo Coupe
(Ex GTM Coupe)
is reborn

New Car at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show


Our Background

In late 2015 Hambly Sports Cars Ltd. purchased the Primo (ex GTM) Coupe Project and are able to supply spare parts for these classic mini based kitcars. Soon we will be able to supply complete kits.

A picture of my first GTM at Lydden in 1984

My Favorite Cars

A picture of my first GTM at Lydden in 1985. I first bought this car in 1976 as a road going car and used it for sprints and speed hill climbs. In 1984 I competed in the first Kit car Race event at Brands Hatch


My Cars

The same car but 10 years later, much modified to comply with the revised

 rules for the 750 MC Kit Car Series